This site came about with purpose in 2019 when WitchVox decided to close down (ARTICLE HERE). There was a need for a place to put all kinds of Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, ATR and Spiritual resources in one place. We are hopeful that it benefits these communities. You will find listings of Covens, Stores, Blogs and more that relate to these communities throughout the site.
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My name is Si, I am a herbalist and plants with their individual magics are my passion. I was taught about plants at a very early age where I grew up in the country. I was introduced to people of many paths and customs including Conjure Doctors, New Agers, Pagans and old fashioned Country Folk.
My ancestors are what drive me and my spiritual life, that is reflected in my religious practices. Most of my spiritual practices stem from the British Isles, but also Africa. Let's face it, a lot of us Americans are 'genetically diverse' but something called out to me to work both of these currents. Although 98% of my DNA originates in the British Isles I do have a small percentage of African DNA as well. Ancestral blood will find it's way I guess, no matter how small. I respectfully keep these separated as it is my belief that any Religion or Magical System should be honored as its own entity and should not be mixed and matched.
I am a third degree Gardnerian, I was initiated in 2001. My initiating coven has a verifiable lineage back to Gerald Gardner's coven via the New York Coven, which was the first established in the US. Previous to that I practiced an Eclectic Solitary Neo-Pagan form of Witchcraft since I was a teenager. This has been a major influence in my religious life and how I relate to the spiritual world around me.
I teach the tradition as it was passed to me and as it was passed to my initiators through a line of Witches before. If you are located close to Flagler County Florida and interested in joining the priesthood of Witches visit the link below by clicking the button.
Here are some pictures of Craft Elders that are known publicly along with pictures from the Witchcraft Museum.
I am initiated into a lineage of Haitian Vodou out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti as 'Bon Houngan Mache Cheche' in 2008. My Papa Fey is Houngan Erol Josue, and my Maman is Mambo Marie Lourdes. I share some info about the religion but do not take students in Vodou, I am not Haitian and it's important to immerse yourself in the culture to truly understand the tradition. I can however put you in touch with others who do, if you feel called to the path. I suggest you go straight to the source.
Although I include some info here on Vodou I should clarify it is NOT a Neo-Pagan tradition and is considered a Monistic or Monotheistic religion with ties to Catholicism. I know lots of people who have a real distaste for any Catholic liturgy or iconography however I was not raised in the church and do not have the same hangups that others have.
Not all houses use Catholic imagery and the syncretism is not consistent but here are some commonly used images that relate to specific Lwa.
I have been trained in Hoodoo which was my original source and introduction to a magical tradition as a child growing up in the South. Hoodoo is not a Religion but most people who practice it are Christian of some variety.
I have always felt connected to Rootwork. I relate this to my ancestors, my Great Grandmother was "the doctorin' type" and the distant African heritage in my blood. I also have that strong connection because of the heavy use of herb and plant magic, specifically plants that grow and thrive in the country that I was born and raised in. Even more specifically the Southern culture I was born into.
This system was brought to the U.S. by slaves. Many of the techniques used in Hoodoo have been speculated from originating in the Congo, even though the practice developed in the United States to what it is today. Make no mistake, even though we can see some Native American and European influences in Hoodoo, the roots of this tradition are African and should be respected and acknowledged as such.
Below are some commonly grown plants in Florida that are used in Conjure work with their uses.