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2505 W. Bella Vista St. Lakeland, FL 33810

Phoenix Phyre and Autumn Meet: Every March and October, we gather for a five day, four night outdoor event in central Florida ​to share and celebrate our beliefs. Each day is filled with classes, community meals, live entertainment, rituals, drumming and dancing. We strive to provide an unforgettable and spiritual experience in a fun and safe environment. All ages are welcome.


56 N. Halifax Dr., Ormond Beach, FL


Unitarian Church 56 N. Halifax Dr. Ormond Beach, Florida October 31 6:30. Bring a dish to share.


Silver Springs, FL

Trees of Avalon Gathering (TAG) is a pagan festival sponsored by the Community of Many Church. The festivals are held twice yearly for 4-days in the Ocala forest every Beltane and Samhain. The site has air-conditioned bunkhouses & indoor rest room facilities. See the website for specific dates, workshops & headliners.




308 Hale St, Augusta, GA

We had so many vendors sign-up that we have changed venues! This year's EarthFest Augusta 2021 will be held at the Augusta Exchange Club Fairgrounds, 308 Hale St, Augusta, GA. Currently with 54 vendor occupied booths, workshops throughout the day, entertainment, divination booths, and more, this is a can't miss event!


Tickets are $10 at the gate and kids 12 and under get in free with an adult ticket. Hope to see you there!





4093 Boone Hollow Rd, Springville, IN 47462

Over the years the festival community has brought together a rich and diverse collection of groups and individuals. These events have changed lives, forged bonds, and given us memories that will last for a lifetime. Through it all has been the thin thread of community that has connected us all. The goal of this event is to pull on that thread and bring the greater community together to celebrate the strength that comes from the unity in our diversity. We will be gathering to share, create, learn, teach, sing, and dance around the fire!


The foundation of this event will be what drew many of us out here in the first place. Camping and spending time with our friends around the fire. It is up to you, the community, to decide where it grows from there.


Presenters, performers, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers are needed. This event is a blank canvas for the community to express itself. We provide the opportunity, you create the magic.


This event isn’t based around a single holiday, interest, or spiritual path. Everyone is welcome to join us around the fire.




19306 Bull Run Road, Springfield, LA

The Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt will celebrate its 10th annual Beltane in 2021! We marry old-world and new traditions to create an event as unique as it is appealing to the modern Pagan! Our four day and three night camping festival takes place at Gryphon’s Nest Campground, the only private Pagan campground in Louisiana. We offer swimming, ritual, classes and workshops, a Beltane hunt, the burning of a wicker man effigy, may pole dancing, a cash bar, Saturday night night feast, and the opportunity to connect with our community and the spirit of the land.


Our Beltane Hunt, like Rome’s Floralia, is a passion play (like a game of “hide-and-seek”) reflecting the fertility theme of the season. Our hunters (dressed in red and black) strategize and pursue the holies, answering challenges and riddles, using their cunning to discover who the May Queen is. The holies, dressed in white, are the chased. They represent the priests and priestesses charged with protecting the identity of the May Queen. Like our spiritual ancestors, who knew that a king must be blessed by the temple priestesses, the hunter who discovers the May Queen will become Oak King, and the two will embody the union of Sun and Earth as nature blooms forth. ​


In the tradition of Walpurgisnacht, we will light up the Wickerman to purge the past that weighs us down. The coldness and stagnant energy of Winter, the sorrows of a year immersed in doubt and fear, the anger we felt at the injustice of the world around us… all will be burned to ash. We will use this sacred fire to light the campfires of Gryphon’s Nest just as our ancestors kindled village fires in Ireland. We will transmute that flame to kindle a fire that welcomes those around us, that draws us near, and allows us to connect to one another in a warm orb of light. ​


In the Louisiana swamps, we descendants and inheritors of Cajun culture embrace and honor the spiritual traditions that course through the world. ​


Our hope for the future includes a charitable foundation that uses Beltane and other sabbath festivals to invest in Pagan interests, starting in 2022. We wish to grow our Beltane event with the same fervor that has made the Beltane Fire Festival of Edinburgh, Scotland so popular. We want to create more opportunities for community involvement, including incorporating values that reflect our hope for society as a whole. We wish it to become a flow art and burn "mecca" that will be known as "The Burning Man of the South." And we wish to create a celebration that draws people from many faiths who might embrace the spiritual truths that nature and its cycles of life have to teach.




Hancock, New Hampshire

TempleFest is an immersive weekend retreat held each August in the woods of New Hampshire, open to any who would like to experience the magick of the Temple of Witchcraft community first-hand: classes, vendors, rituals, and more!


Please visit our website for more details and ticket information.




Lewisburg, Tennessee

Walpurgisnacht is an annual family friendly event in Lewisburg TN to bring the Tennessee Valley Pagan and Heathen communities together for a time of celebration, community building, and ritual. It's a celebration of May Day and Walpurgisnacht by honoring Freya the Goddess of fertility and magic.




Redrock, Texas

We host several gatherings a year with Beltane and Samhain being our big event. We are open to all Earth based paths and welcome speakers from various paths.


310 North Street, Houston, Texas

A curated pagan festival and night market in Houston, TX featuring magickal, metaphysical, witchy vendors, artists, performers and presenters. First Saturdays beginning in April 2021 at Raven Tower.


Corpus Christi, Texas

9 week online course

Sundays 10am-12pm CST

Starting July 11, 2021

Course cost: $20

Sunflower Dance is leading this super fun, super informative course. It’s a good price, you’ll have the chance to do a little magick with fellow witches, and you’ll get the opportunity to meet some Black Forest Clan members.


If you are a Seeker, this is a great way to get a taste of the craft.


Sunflower Dance is a Second Degree HpS and coven facilitator of the White Buffalo coven, Clan of the Silver Bristled Boar, in the Black Forest Tradition of Wicca. As a musician, her passion for creating sacred space with music and sound adds depth to her rituals and spiritual practice.


For more information, please email:





Join us for the August Long Weekend every year for an inclusive family-friendly weekend with Pagans from all paths. We offer organized rituals, workshops, and discussion groups as well as informal opportunities for friendships and community building. Meals and accommodations are included in registration costs.