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Graphic Design

an introduction to my art


I have worked professionally as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for approximately 20 years. I'm also experienced in Marketing and Promotions. I am a well-rounded designer and have had my hands in a multitude of projects - from every kind of print job to web. I also work as a freelancer for the Pagan and other Religious communities where I create Coven Sigils, Event Art, T-Shirts, Logos etc. If you are in need of a freelance artist or need consultation please contact me.
Witches Masquerade Ball Logo
Handfasting Ireland Logo
Gardnerian Seekers
hexenmoon sigil
Samhain Isles


In my spare time I work on all types of art directed towards Pagans and Witches, that I sometimes make available for sale. Almost all of my art is inspired by my interest in Witchcraft or Paganism, but I do diverge from time to time. I think from my design background I vary my style from simple to much more intricate.
Lucky Devil Hoodoo Drawing
goddess illustration
Horned God illustration
Mandrake Root
wheel of the year
Vegvisir and Aegishjalmur Sigils
Vegvisir and Aegishjalmur Sigil Buttons
I Like My Magic Illustration
Elemental Pentagram
Oujia Board
Horned God Yule Illustration


We have a shop that we sell things that we create. All proceeds go back into the site and pay for it's upkeep.
Witches Against Racism T
Witchcraft Today TShirt
Goddess of Willendorf TShirt
Belladonna TShirt
Oathbound TShirt
Ouija Board TShirt
Cauldron Voodoo Doll TShirt
Pride Pentagram TShirt
Pride Pentagram Sticker
Pride Pentagram Button
Mandragora Magika Items


Mandragora Magika is my go-to designer for all my Pagan logos. He designed our Temple logo amongst other things, as well as the third degree symbol for the grave of one of our beloved Elders in the Craft. He works fast, produces fantastic professional designs and is very customer friendly. Can't recommend his services enough!

- Sophia Boann

We have used the graphic art services provided by Mandragora Magika many times over the past few years and have been absolutely delighted each time! Si's ability to combine your thoughts and ideas with his artistic vision, creates a magical piece perfect for your graphics needs. We have used his artwork on clothing, bags, websites, banners and more. Si creates a custom work of graphic art that hits the magical mark every time!

- Michelle MaBelle

I have the privilege of knowing Si for over a decade. His passion and talents are really fantastic and he gladly shares them with the Pagan community. I have several of his pieces so it was without a question who I would entrust to create my coven logo. I was absolutely thrilled with the finished product and cannot recommend him enough.

- Rayn

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