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The Witch Nose Knows: Product Review -

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Everyone who knows me knows I am a plant, herb, and incense junkie. There is no better way to transport myself into the world of Witchcraft besides the triggers that smell induce in me. I have been making incenses and oils for many years, experimenting with recipes and learning new techniques. For the most part I try to grow my own plants and herbs. I believe that having a relationship with the plants you use is part of the magic. However, that isn’t always possible due to where you live so buying certain things becomes necessary. When I am asked to review a company’s products I’m a little scared because I can be such a perfectionist when it comes to the ingredients I use.

Witch Herbs from Elfhame

With that being said, a package from Elfhame in Australia came the other day and i was immediately impressed. As soon as I opened the box I felt that shift in my consciousness just from all the wonderful smells that emanated from within. A bunch of herb filled bags, a smudge stick, some packets of stick incense and a couple bottles. This was going to be exciting!

As mentioned earlier, failing fresh herbs, there are drawbacks to buying dried, cut and sifted herbs however it is a necessity in a lot of cases depending on how green your thumbs are, location, time etc. It is imperative that you find and source good materials for whatever you are brewing up. I have gotten some less than impressive herbs and resins in the past. This was not the case with the quality products from Elfhame. I was especially impressed with the Storax bark I received and the Yew Sprigs. These are items that are not as easily obtainable where I live, so they are highly valued by this Witch!

Witch Herbs from Elfhame

I was pretty sure I had seen it all, but they surprised me with something I have never seen before called Manco Inca which is a liquid resin. The raw smell is exquisite, and it reminds me of vanilla with a hint of sasparilla. They recommend using this if you are working a South American current. This is definitely something I'll be experimenting with.

There is nothing better than an environmentally aware and responsible company. Elfhame should be proud to offer 95% of their herbal inventory as certified organic, ethically sourced or wild harvested. They have made some really great choices in their packaging materials to reduce waste and make the least possible negative impact on our environment. These choices are important to me as a consumer and a Witch.There is a lot more information on their website about their company and what they offer the community, and it isn’t all herbs. They carry a bunch or curios, altar items and jewelry, making it easy to get the items you need to make some serious magic.

So if you're like me and your witch nose is in the know... you'll check them out at their website below!

Elfhame Website



Si is a Gardnerian High Priest and Minos in the Minoan Brotherhood operating in Flagler County, FL. A practitioner of various kinds of witchcraft since adolescence, he now runs Mandragora Magika, creates occult art, grows all kinds of plants but mostly in love with the poisonous variety. Si holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute.

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