We are happy to present this page for covens, groups and organizations in the locations listed below. This information on these pages is presented as submitted, we do not know many of the groups that are represented here and only remove groups if serious verifiable allegations are brought to our attention. We encourage you to please use your discretion when meeting strangers, and due diligence in researching the tradition and reputation of the leaders. We suggest you read this BLOG post prior to meeting possible teachers, as well as the DISCLAIMER page.

Hail and welcome Witches, Pagans, Wiccans and Heathens to the Mandragora Magika home page for Arizona!

CITY: Phoenix

TRADITION OR SPIRITUAL PATH: Wicca/Gala Tradition of Witchcraft

CONTACT NAME: Edwin Sequeira




Merry Meet! We are a established group of like minded gay/bisexual men who meet and celebrate the Wheel of the Year through magical workings, dedication, classes and ritual.


Coven of the Desert Sun is a group of gay/bisexual men who come together to learn and practice magic as taught in the Gala Tradition of Witchcraft. The Gala tradition operates from the premise that Gay men were viewed as magical in every culture and that there are magical and spiritual practices exclusive to Gay men. Gala endeavors to transcend culture, pantheon, or system. The foundations of our tradition are European Witchcraft, specifically Wicca, but, like Gay men, we believe that the witch is also universal. No one culture owns the archetypal concept of the witch. In Gala, we actively encourage our members to explore the rich history of what it means to be a Gay male witch within their own ancestral framework. Our coven practices a similar version of British Traditional Witchcraft. We are not and do not claim to be BTW.


We meet for Esbats and Sabbats, holding both rituals for Dedicants/Seekers and rituals for Initiates.


We are an active coven and meet frequently outside of sacred space enjoying each other's company to create a stronger bond between members.


Our coven provides training to gay/bisexual men seeking a place to learn the Art Magical within a traditional Wiccan degree structure.


CITY: Phoenix


CONTACT NAME: Aradia Pellegrina Wolf




What we're about: To learn, to teach to become together.


La Vecchia Religione, is Italian for Old Religion. We are an eclectic group welcoming all paths, new, old, or in discovery and come together in respect, honor, and love to support each other. Teachers will always be students, and students will always be teachers throughout our lifetimes as we journey fearlessly with patience, understanding, acceptance for all with Love leading our way.


IndigoWolf Tradition brings together those who are answering the call to follow their life's path and we encourage each student, initiate, and teacher to recognize the uniqueness of your covenmates and their use of different tools to develop their own personal calling. While we strive to align with the IndigoWolf Tradition personal expression is welcomed, nurtured, and shared. Life is fluid, magicks are fluid, to succeed we must be fluid, supportive, and non judgmental while adhering to certain tenets and protocols. Our core classes are intended to give the student the tools they need to articulate and develop their own specific journey in the art of witchcraft. Involvement with mentors within the group are imperative for success in understanding your needs and supplying the specific guidance needed for your journey.


While we do not charge for classes or rituals we do ask that all members support this founding church through monetary donations for necessities and such, your time so as to build a strong family bond, and supplies as needed by the High Priestess/High Priest to help us grow. Money for profit is not accepted.


CITY: Tucson

TRADITION OR SPIRITUAL PATH: Kingstone via Central Valley Wicca/BTW





We are an LGBT inclusive circle in the Kingstone Tradition of British Tradition Wicca.


Our original Outer Court Year and a day has now ended, but we will accept new students on a case-by-case basis for a workshop and ritual series. Please join the Canyon View Facebook Community for more information and to join the discussion.


You must attend a one-on-one interview prior to being accepted into the Outer Court.


We are also a part of the Central Valley Wicca Seekers & Initiates community on Facebook.


Outer Court, by tradition, run a Year and a Day, and there is no guarantee they will end in Initiation. We meet once monthly Sunday afternoon/evenings to foster community within the Outer Court Seekers, to share your talents and ensure "Right Fit" for everyone. We teach by doing; you learn by participating.


The Outer Court will require time, energy and monthly assignments of reading, practical energy work and practical ritual (both group and/or solitary) . As a Seeker, you may be asked to purchase or borrow books from the BTW Recommended Reading List (link below) . Other materials may be required, divinatory tools such as a tarot deck, candles, incense, etc.


The Kingstone Tradition by Kalisha Zahr HERE


It is important that anyone interested in becoming a student of any group do three things:

1) Read and familiarize yourself with Isaac Bonewits' "Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame". 


2) Read and familiarize yourself with "The Seekers' Bill of Rights


3) Our credentials are readily confirmed and verifiable, but we *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* that you run a vouch on *ANYONE* claiming credentials in a Tradition from multiple sources. We recommend the following to verify the credentials of anyone claiming to be British Tradition Wicca. This is incredibly important generally and most specifically in the United States, which has an unfortunate reputation as a haven for fraudulent practitioners.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns on the above or would like to discuss British Tradition Wicca, the Outer Court, etc. I'm available most days via Facebook (Judith L. Mariposa) . The email on this account is rarely checked (maybe once per month) . If you email this account, be prepared to be patient.

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