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Witch's Yule: Some of our Favorite Shopping for the Witch in Your Life

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

December 21st is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as Yule. It's that time of year again where we start to think about gifts to share around the Yule tree with our loved ones. Here is a list we gathered of some of our favorite places to shop for Witches, some of them we have bought from ourselves and others we have been drooling over for quite some time. This isn't paid advertising but rather a sharing of artisans for their incredible products.



We have been a fan of the art of Matthew Glover of "Sin Eater Illustration," based in England, for quite some time and own several products. His style reminds us of an updated take on the classic pagan illustrations of yore and we are big fans of everything he creates. You can find pins, mugs, t-shirts, bags, blankets, art prints and more on the website. Definitely a must see.



Who doesn't love ceramics? We have asked the good folks at "Gaean Allusions" to make several products for our covenstead. They create customized one-of-a-kind pottery masterpieces of every variety. Our ritual cup is a "Gaean Allusions" custom piece and we couldn't be happier.



The attention to detail in the work done by Mihaylo Melnichuk at "Blagowood" is amazing. We have several statues made by "Blagowood" based in the Ukraine. Each wooden product is a handmade one-of-a-kind artwork and deserves a special place on your home altar.



We have been drooling over all the incredible pieces of jewelry made by "Macabre Gadgets" for a while now. If you are a fan of beautiful photography there is a whole other reason to check this site out. Each piece is exquisitely shot, and will make any Witch get excited!



Want to get that special Witch in your life an athamé, sword, knife or other unique artwork of steel or bronze? "Omega Artworks" has you covered, their studio in located in Minnesota and has been creating beautiful ritual tools since 1982. They have options for custom works or ready to buy!



Ready to take flight with a Yule Besom? Well "Broomchick: At Scheumack Broom Company" can get you where you want to go. They offer handmade functional brooms, besoms, and walking sticks. There are several broom standing around the covenstead here made by the "Broomchick" and we couldn't be happier with them!



We have been following and drooling all over the luxury leather journals made by the "McCall Company" for years. The detail and beauty of each one is something worth coveting. Witches all across the globe are writing out their Book of Shadows, spell books or journals so this company is must know for the the lover of fine book binding.



"The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (MWM)" located by the Harbour in Boscastle, Cornwall has a shop on their site that will have a choice of gifts for any Witch. From charms for your home, jewelry, spell bags and more. Some truly unique pieces that helps support a great cause!



What Witch doesn't need a little flying ointment? Well we all do, "Bane Folk" is run by Sarah Anne Lawless an educator specializing in poisonous plants and fungi. Her products are amazing and trusted by many as they emphasize the proper and safe use of poisonous plants.



Some of my favorite Witchy Jewelry has been created by "Burial Ground" located in Massachusetts. Co-owned by Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi (another amazing illustrator and MM favorite). The shop is not all jewelry but that is the highlight for us. All of the Witches in town will be jealous of the Witch that owns anything from this shop.



If you have a statue of an ancient deity in your home it very likely it could have come from "Sacred Source" that has been the leading producer of these types of images. We have a terrible habit of buying statues and there are a countless number of these around the covenstead here. Finding a gift for your beloved Witch shouldn't be hard if you take a look at "Sacred Source."



Based in the Lune Valley, Lancashire, England you can find some incredibly beautiful handmade ceramic pieces fit for any Witches altar at "Wyn Abbot Ceramics." Offering dishes, cups, pendants, art pieces and more, any Witch would be happy with one of these Earthen creations.



We are incense junkies here so I found this company many years ago searching for rare and hard to find resins. if the Witch in your life loves incense, herbs, and resins as much as we do, then an assortment of items from "Scents of Earth" will be well received as everything we have ever bought here is of a superior quality.


We have been eyeballing this company "Troll Cunning Forge" for some time as each tool they make makes us drool with envy. I would venture to say that Marcus McCoy is a master blacksmith and that can be seen in his fire blackened blades and the other items he creates.


Located in the UK, "Stone Mad Crafts" is creating some really unique hand carved designs of Scottish Stone. The shop includes statues, pendants, incense burners and other items. If you are looking for a truly one of a kind gift for your favorite Witch then "Stone Mad Crafts" might be an option for you!

We could not include everyone that we love as there are sooooo many but we tried to give a variety. If you still want to search some more or find a store to shop at in your area use the links below to find other businesses that cater to the Witches and Pagans of the World!



Si is a Gardnerian High Priest and Minos in the Minoan Brotherhood operating in Flagler County, FL. A practitioner of various kinds of witchcraft since adolescence, he now runs Mandragora Magika, creates occult art, grows all kinds of plants but mostly in love with the poisonous variety. Si holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute.

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