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Celebrating Gerald Gardner

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Today I am celebrating Gerald Brosseau Gardner (June 13, 1884 – February 12, 1964). Gerald is considered the father of the Witchcraft Revival by many, he is responsible for the proliferation of what is today known as Wicca/Wica. Gardnerians today still recite their Witch lineage back to him.



Here is an attempt at a simple timeline. It is possible some of these dates are approximations and I tried to make note of that where applicable.

  • 1884, June 13: Born in Blundellsands, Lancashire

  • 1900: Moved to Ceylon

  • 1911: Moved to Malaya

  • 1927, August 16: Married Dorothea Frances Rosedale, known as Donna

  • 1936: Gerald published his first book "Keris and Other Malay Weapons"

  • 1938-39: Involvement with the Rosicrucian Order

  • 1939: Gerald joined the Folk-Lore Society

  • 1939: Gerald published his second book "A Goddess Arrives"

  • 1938-44: Involvement with the New Forest Coven

  • 1945: Moved to London

  • 1946 (approx): Gerald founded the Bricket Wood Coven

  • 1947: Introduced to Aleister Crowley, the ceremonial magician who founded Thelema, and was elevated to the IV degree of the Ordo Templi Orientis as well as issued with an O.T.O. Charter

  • 1949: Gerald published his third book "High Magic's Aid"

  • 1953: Initiation of Doreen Valiente

  • 1954: Gerald was the owner of the "The Museum of Magic and Witchcraft" on the Isle of Man after buying it from Cecil Williamson

  • 1954: Gerald published his fourth book "Witchcraft Today"

  • 1959: Gerald published his fifth and final book "the Meaning of Witchcraft"

  • 1960: Gardner's official biography, entitled "Gerald Gardner: Witch" was published, written by Idres Shah